Close contact with Sami culture

Address: Storgatan 8 , 91233 VILHEMINA Show map

Address: Storgatan 8 , 91233 VILHEMINA

Risfjells Sameslöjd is located in the centre of Vilhelmina, pay them a visit and experience fantastic Sami handicraft and Sami culture. Unique handmade Sami objects, including the world’s largest Sami knife, characterize the interior of the gallery. Here you have a unique opportunity to buy handmade knives, bowls and other things.

Risfjell's Sami handicraft gallery offers a unique opportunity to gain a better insight into Sami culture. Sven-Åke and Doris Risfjell, both from Vilhelmina, own the gallery, the shop and the Sami museum. They are both familiar with the traditional Sami handicraft Duodji, which Sven-Åke has practised full-time since 1980. This particular handicraft art form is unique and very difficult to master.

The guided tour takes approx. 45 minutes and includes coffee.

Sven-Åke and Doris welcome you!

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